by Dr. Schien Ninan

Representing your company excellently

How well do your employees manage to present your company optimally in just a few seconds? At HR fairs, trade shows, client meetings, events, or even in private settings, they frequently find themselves in this situation! We'll show you how to master this challenge.

Blitz Info for your 90 seconds

One of the many rhetorical structures we utilize in Powertalk at HPS is the 'Blitz Info.' Here, the focus is on delivering essential information as quickly and clearly structured as possible (as opposed to the 'Quick Proposal,' which is useful for elevator pitches).

Here's an example of Blitz Info according to HPS:

This structure is rhetorically effective because it delivers strong opening and closing messages, following the 'hammer home your message' principle. The middle part is structured into three clear blocks. This allows your employees to quickly internalize the structure and helps the other person understand it promptly

For you this means:

The successful presentation of your company to different stakeholders is essential for your success. Every one of your employees should be able to master the Blitz Info effortlessly. We are here to support you in achieving this.

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