by Dr. Schien Ninan

How to deal with nervousness during presentations?

All eyes are on you - you get nervous. You might start to sweat and fidget. The crucial question is: can people tell that you're nervous? In our 'Better Business Presentations' training, you will learn how to manage stage fright and appear confident.

A clear structure - a red thread - boosts your confidence

The better you know your material, the more confident you will be. It can become challenging when your documents are complex, and you worry about forgetting content. The clearer the structure of your presentation, the easier it will be for you to deliver it. This boosts your confidence!

In 'Better Business Presentations' you will receive tools like the QUICK Struct to help you clearly structure your presentation in a few minutes. In our Storytelling trainings, you will receive 7 templates for strong stories.

Your strong start makes everything easier

Commence your presentation with a compelling opening that captivates your audience. An intriguing fact, a question, or a short anecdote can be helpful. When you're confident you've made a strong start, it boosts your confidence and reduces nervousness.

Tools such as the Start Card, which provides you with pre-made opening sentences for a strong first impression, are available in 'Better Business Presentations.' You can learn how to begin your presentation with stories, interesting facts, and real highlights in our Storytelling trainings.

Long eye contact, confident body language

Nervousness is most noticeable through your eye contact and body language. Restless eyes, wobbly legs, hands behind your back, all of that speaks volumes - your audience can practically see your stage fright!

Maintain prolonged eye contact with as many people as possible. This demonstrates confidence and fosters a connection with your listeners. Also, pay attention to your body language: stand upright with a steady stance, gesture consciously, and avoid nervous movements. Elevate your personal confidence to the next level – for instance, with Powertalk or Better Business Presentations.

Practice, practice, practice - with professionals!

Those good presenters who appear particularly natural have often trained intensively. That's precisely why they seem so relaxed. One of the best presenters of all time, Steve Jobs, was known for his countless practice rounds. His successors have also resumed intensive training with professionals.

Deidre Caldbeck, Apple Marketing: steady stance, arms raised, clear pronunciation, no 'ums'

Practice your presentation several times, if possible in front of friends or colleagues, or go straight to the professionals and book a coaching session with us.

For you this means:

Stage fright before presentations is normal, but it can be overcome through preparation and proven techniques. In our Powertalk and Better Business Presentations training, we provide you with all the necessary tools. Additionally, from one practice to another, you will not only notice but also see through individual videos that you are improving - nothing boosts your confidence more than seeing yourself present strongly!

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