Trainer for presentation / rhetoric

If you have a top appearance, very good presentation and rhetoric skills AND a desire to work as a professional trainer, HPS offers you a long-term, lucrative option: As an independent trainer, you will train the topics 'Presentation & Rhetoric' exclusively for HPS for up to 100 days.

You have an academic education and leadership experience but no significant trainer experience yet? No problem, you will learn this through a professional 8-step process at HPS. We will train you in approx. 24 days (spread over 4-6 months) to become a licensed HPS trainer.

We are currently looking for trainers for Storypresenting, bilingual English (mother tongue) and German, as well as for Rhetoric in German and English (Power Talk).

Interested? Then please send us your resume as a first overview before a phone call. Grow professionally as well as personally with us.
Email: germany@hps-training.de

We will get back to you immediately by phone or email. Promise!