All trainings can also be booked in-house and at your desired date.

Coaching for executives: HPS Masterclass - deliver a unique performance

As a leader, radiate 100% confidence and individuality with your personal appearance.

Special: The tailor-made solution for your team

You have special requirements? Work with us to develop a unique training specifically for your team.

Find the right storytelling training for you

Storytelling has been on everyone's mind for a few years now, but very few people know how to use this method in a meaningful way in business life.

At HPS, we have spent years researching and developing our unique HPS Storyboards with our clients:

Your story makes it exciting - even with PowerPoint.

With "Storypresenting" you create presentations that are different from typical business presentations. In this training, you will use HPS storyboards to develop the story for your next presentation. In contrast to "Storytelling", in this training you will not focus on your personal performance, but develop attractive PowerPoint slides for your story.

Stories with which you inspire

"Storytelling" combines the most important elements of classical rhetoric with the HPS storyboards. This training is the right one for you if you want to learn how to turn your business topics into exciting stories and how to tell them in a captivating way.

Tailor-made for your team

Do you have a team with special requirements that you want to develop? Then our "HPS Specials" are the right starting point for you. Our experts will advise you on the focus, intensity and duration of your learning program.

Leaders only

The "HPS Masterclass" is exclusively for executives who want to significantly develop their personal performance. In this training with Europe's top experts, an individual program is put together for you. Storytelling is often chosen as an element for such a program.