• Overview

    All trainings at a glance

    Open or in-house trainings on the topics of presentation, rhetoric and moderation. - in German and English.

  • Presentations – Coaching and executive service

    Individual work on presentation concept and personal performance

    No time to attend a seminar? Your topic is still “top secret”? You need 100% individual service?

    Arrange your personal coaching: We work with you on your specific case, and we make sure that your upcoming presentation will be a success. Fast, individual, discreet and effective!

  • The HPS Manufacture

    Individual consulting, design and coaching proficiency

    Profit from our presentation experts, not just during seminars, but also as consultants for your next important presentation project

  • Projekt-Consulting

    The story to match your presentation

    We will shape your presentation with a goal, a strategy, a structure and a concise key message.
  • Slide Design

    Professional design for your presentation

    High impact slides for professional company presentations and special occasions such as pitches, conferences, keynote addresses or kick-offs.

  • About us

    May we introduce ourselves?

    For 25 years, HPS has been the largest presentation training institute in the German speaking area and offers trainings in more than 10 countries and 8 different languages.

  • The HPS Team

    „Nice to meet you!“

    Our staff and trainers are all experienced experts.

  • References

    The most successful companies have been trusting us to train their management personnel for many years. 

    Our customers invest in communication competence and they know why. Above all, they understand that successful presentations are not a question of talent, but of the right training.

  • International offices

    HPS offices at a glance

    Our quality international brand is present in more than 10 countries, facilitating continuous international training with a reliable partner. 

  • Cooperation

    HPS is the professional training institute for presentation, rhetoric and moderation.

    For further training topics we recommend the exceptional seminars of other institutes.

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HPS – Your partner when it comes to presentations

Specialized, international, intensive - for maximum practice time!
HPS is the market leader for presentation trainings in Europe, with over 40,000 graduates. 
Our trainings are of absolute premium quality. 

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This is HPS

  • HPS is a specialist: For more than 25 years, we have been doing what we do best. We prioritize quality over short term profit. This is how we guarantee success. HPS trainings are branded products.   
  • HPS trainers are always experienced practitioners
  • HPS is a reliable service-oriented partner
  • HPS quality is consistent
  • Quality control systems, including long term appraisals, periodic reports, regular trainer supervision and continuous training, as well as training controls, such as well coordinated management know-how, safeguard the quality of HPS services.  
  • Continuous HPS product development ensures perpetual knowledge enrichment

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Better presentations through first class trainings

High-intensity training

People are more successful in changing their routine behaviour when they have the chance to experience successful outcomes stemming from their “new” behaviour. To ensure that participants get the most out of practical exercises, HPS-Intensive-Trainings are usually run by a trainer team: one trainer plus a co-trainer ensure that each participant gets a chance to be assessed via video up to 4 times a day.

100% practical relevance

“Time spent in the seminar saves working time”, as participants can work on their own practical cases, thus saving time by learning and making progress solving their individual cases under the direction of experienced trainers. 

Structured feedback

The most effective feedback is immediate, constructive and delivered point by point. In this way, general assessments about the presenter are avoided. The number of observers is limited and the trainer focuses his feedback on 3-4 specific points. 

Efficient video analysis

The HPS video analysis is painless in the sense that we avoid putting participants in the dreaded position of running the gauntlet. Instead, we facilitate parallel video stations with high tempo of analysis, without the pressure of the group. Thus, participants can take their time to fully comprehend the feedback in a secondary room, alone or, should they wish so, in the company of a coach. During this time, the main room hosts the next presentation. Through the use of this parallel-room system, the practice time is increased to the maximum and the duration of group exercises is dramatically reduced.

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Training benefits for...


  • Professional support by HPS account manager as well as HPS trainer
  • Thorough preparation: structured  questionnaires, checklists, invitation letters and e-mails which save your time and are completely reliable
  • Ample documentation at the conclusion of the training: structured and thorough evaluation surveys, trainer report
  • The debriefing and report at the conclusion of the training ensure the success of the training 
  • Certainty that your colleagues will be pleased to have worked with HPS




  • Competitive advantage: You will be able to “sell” your ideas, projects and products better
  • Measurable success in practice, quicker decision-making and much time saved
  • 96% of our participants say: “My presentations have improved by my participation in this seminar”
  • 99% of our participants say that they would recommend HPS to others  

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HPS training audit – Quality is measurable

A training of high quality enables participants to start implementing their knowledge into practice immediately, despite having taken part in a strenuous day of training. And the way that this knowledge is applied to real life is something that is of utmost importance for us at HPS. This is the yardstick by which we measure the success of our trainings and is thus continuously evaluated and analyzed at any expense. The results of these evaluations are the basis for the perpetual improvement of our trainings and guarantee that we are always ahead of the game.

Seminar evaluation immediately after the training

Immediately after the training, we collect the general opinions and impressions of each and every participant. 

Participant surveys 12-24 months after the training

Even after the initial seminar euphoria has worn off, we conduct a quality survey in order to ensure that the teachings of our trainings are sustainable and transferred into practice in the long term. 


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HPS Chronology - Highlights


 Market entry in Poland (HPS Polska)

Chronologie der HPS-Highlights - 2te Zeile


Neuer Markenauftritt und Branding


Gründung HPS Manufaktur


Markteintritt in Tschechien (HPS Czech Republic) und Middle East & North Africa (HPS MENA mit Sitz in Beirut, Libanon)


Markteintritt in Dänemark, Schweden und Norwegen (HPS Scandinavia mit Sitz in Kopenhagen)


Markteintritt in Ungarn mit Franchise-Partner Kopernikus Business Training Kft.

[Translate to INT:] Chronologie der HPS-Highlights - 2te Zeile


Founding of the HPS Hochschultraining Germany


Opening of the HPS Ukrainian office (HPS Ukraine) through A.R.M.S


Market entry in Switzerland (HPS Switzerland) 


Founding of the HPS Hochschultraining Austria 


Market entry in Germany (HPS Germany GmbH)

[Translate to INT:] Chronologie der HPS-Highlights - 3te Zeile


Market entry in Russia with franchise partner A.R.M.S. Traininghouse


Presentation trainings in English


Founding of HPS: Professional training institute for presentation training


The first computer presentation (LC-display) in a seminar 


Prof. Dr. Emil Hierhold starts out at the Gesellschaft für Personalentwicklung as an independent trainer for presentation technique. 

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