Presentation training

All trainings can also be booked in-house and at your desired date.

PowerPoint course: Mastering the standard program

Create slides efficiently and save time. Know all the basic and advanced features of the software.

Presenting in Meetings, Sales & Consulting

Lead your customers and colleagues successfully to your goal. Manage the dialog with confidence.

Find the right presentation skills training for you​

The "P" in HPS stands for presentation and has made us the No. 1 in Europe. As the specialist in this field, we offer a range of courses.

From classic presentation to Storypresenting© and Train the Trainer to special topics such as hybrid presentation, you can choose from a wide variety of topics:

Hybrid is here to stay​

Do you regularly present to hybrid audiences, some on-site in the room and some online in front of a screen? Then "Hybrid Communication" is your solution. In this training, you will learn how to win over all participants to you and your topic.

The gold standard

"Better Business Presentations“ is the right course for you if you want to shine with a confident presentation performance. In this most popular presentation training from HPS, we show you how to master any presentation task, standing in front of your audience.​

Your story makes it exciting

With "Storypresenting" you create presentations that are different from typical business presentations. In this training, you will use the 7 HPS storyboards to develop your next story and create the slides to go with it. If you are interested in the topic of stories, but not in creating slides, we recommend the "Storytelling" training.

The meeting under control

"Presenting in Meetings, Sales & Consulting“, in contrast to "Better Business Presentations“, addresses the classic meeting situation in front of smaller groups in a seated position. Here, you need to confidently manage the interactive dialogue with meeting participants and stay in control.

Executives only

The "HPS Masterclass" is exclusively for executives who want to significantly develop their personal presentation. In this training with Europe's top experts, an individual program is put together for you.

Convincing decision makers

The focus of "Presenting Facts Convincingly" is to present a consistent argumentation with figures in a confident manner. You can practice this while standing, as in "Better Business Presentations", or while sitting in front of small groups, as in "Presenting in Meetings, Sales & Consulting".

Training has to be learned

Our "Train the Trainer" is aimed at internal experts who want to develop their participants with their training. You will learn how to prepare optimally, how to present confidently and how to answer all questions competently.

Tailor-made for your team

Do you have a team with special requirements that you want to develop? Then our "HPS Specials" are the right starting point for you. Our experts will advise you on the focus, intensity and duration of your learning program.