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All trainings can also be booked in-house and at your desired date.

HPS novelties - find the right training for you​

For over 30 years we have been focusing on your communication needs. Here you can see the latest and newly revised trainings from our portfolio:

Also successful online - without boredom

"Leading online & web meetings professionally" is an art you can learn in this training. With the right techniques and tools, your participants will take part in the meeting with commitment. You be convincing, even in 2D.

You successfully resolve difficult situations

Completely revised, "Communicating engagingly and convincingly" will permanently change the way you communicate. With this training, you will learn to respond to your counterpart and achieve a good result for both sides.

Winning over your customers virtually

The digital consultation, well conducted, is a real opportunity. The hurdle for potential customers is significantly lower, the frequency potentially higher. Learn how to make professional online calls in "Web Call - Convincing in digital consulting".

Hybrid is here to stay​

Do you regularly present to hybrid audiences, some on-site in the room and some online in front of a screen? Then "Hybrid Communication" is your solution. In this training, you will learn how to win over all participants to you and your topic.

Always a suitable answer at hand

"Quick-wittedness" is an exciting niche of rhetoric. Successfully mastered, verbal repartee is a competitive affair for you. You learn 26 strong techniques from which you choose those that suit you personally.

Tailor-made for your team

Do you have a team with special requirements that you want to develop? Then our "HPS Specials" are the right starting point for you. Our experts will advise you on the focus, intensity and duration of your learning program.

Current topics and trends

Particularly in the last few years, our expertise has been increasingly in demand for new topics. Due to this development, we are constantly testing new trainings with our customers. Let yourself be inspired by current topics in the "HPS Lab".