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Presenting in Meetings, Sales & Consulting

Lead your customers and colleagues successfully to your goal. Manage the dialog with confidence.

HPS bestsellers - find the right one for you

Over 64,000 participants across Europe can't be wrong. Here you can see the most requested trainings from our portfolio:

The classic training for all situations

"Power Talk" is the right course for you if you want to improve your general rhetorical skills. This training is HPS's most booked training and will help you appear more confident in any situation.

Stories with which you inspire

"Storytelling" combines the most important elements of classical rhetoric with the HPS storyboards that we have developed. This training is the right one for you if you want to learn how to turn your business topics into exciting stories and how to tell them in a captivating way.

Also successful online - without boredom

"Leading online & web meetings professionally" is an art you can learn in this training. With the right techniques and tools, your participants will take part in the meeting with commitment. You be convincing, even in 2D.

Skillfully resolve challenging situations

In "Communicating engagingly and convincingly" you'll learn how to win others over with constructive conversations - especially when things threaten to be difficult. For those who regularly have to deal with defensiveness on the part of the other person, this training is a real benefit. It will fundamentally change the way you communicate.

The gold standard

"Better Business Presentations“ is the right course for you if you want to shine with a confident presentation performance. In this most popular presentation training from HPS, we show you how to master any presentation task, standing in front of your audience.​

Your story makes it exciting - even with PowerPoint

With "Storypresenting" you create presentations that are different from typical business presentations. In this training, you will use HPS storyboards to develop the story for your next presentation. In contrast to "Storytelling", in this training you do not focus on your personal performance but develop attractive PowerPoint slides for your story.

The meeting under control

"Presenting in Meetings, Sales & Consulting“ addresses the classic meeting situation in front of smaller groups in a seated position. Here, you need to confidently manage the interactive dialogue with meeting participants and stay in control.