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HPS is the professional training institute for presentation, rhetoric and moderation.

For further training topics we recommend the exceptional seminars of other institutes.


Negotiating successfully is one of the biggest challenges of the business world. En GardE is the professional institute for negotiation training. At En GardE, you exclusively receive negotiation training – concentrated and specialised. En GardE offers the optimal training for individuals who want to master the art of negotiation and who value top quality.  

At En GardE you can expect focus on the essential success factors, a lot of practice and the efficient transfer of the newly acquired skill set to real life through the use of useful tools:

- better enforcement of your interests
- highly structured and effective approach
- better prices, conditions and benefits
- no more weak compromises
- considerable time saving

In short: measurable results for participants.

Reeve advanced communication skills
Reeve helps you to communicate to achieve results

Intensive communications training seminars:
• Change communication:
   leading change processes competently
• Communication for employees and executives:
  + Executives:
   working together successfully
• Communication under pressure:
   achieving your goal
   in the face of adversity
• Managing meetings:
   better results in less time
• Business facilitation: facilitating with confidence
• Solution selling:
   communication in solutions selling

Contact details:
REEVE GmbH Weingartenstr. 6, 65795 Hattersheim, Germany. Phone: +49 6190 99 28 40, e-mail:

Intomedia is Austria’s leading institute for media trainings for TV, radio and print interviews, but also for press conferences and media crisis situations. Realistic training settings, especially interviews in your own (ZiB2) TV studio, or live interviews in the radio studio,is what Itomedia is recognised for.

The combination of established journalistic know-how, technical prominence and didactic capabilities, guarantee the highest training quality. All Intomedia trainers have an academic and professional background in journalism and thus possess didactic and pedagogic know-how.

“Who knows it, learns it. But who can do it, does it.”  Intomedia guarantees success on both fronts.  


fifty1 stands for Modern Leadership. With its innovative know-how from the areas of leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship and technology, fifty1 supports you actively and in co-creation. For this purpose, fifty1 uses state-of-the-art tools and methods, as they are effectively applied in startups, innovation hubs and global high-tech companies. Whether it concerns a professional leadership program or high impact-workshop: fifty1 provides access to the spirit and practice of innovative leaders, who are themselves in the forefront of digitalization.

Our consultants and facilitators – from digital natives and entrepreneurs to international top experts – are fifty1 certified, state-of-the-art and live innovation.

fifty1 – the combination of leadership, innovation and technology

Primas has been offering innovative, practice-oriented solutions in project management for 20 years. With a team of international consultants/trainers, we have introduced and developed project management in more than 400 international companies. We offer innovative seminars, workshops and facilitation. The support ranges from preliminary surveys of expectations and skills, to the creation of a custom-made program, the content-related and didactical design of the seminar, to the complete follow-up and transfer into the daily project routine of project managers.
Courseticket is the innovative data bank for trainings that gives you a simple solution to control bookings. Anyone, whether a private person or a company, can use to visualize all courses, trainings, workshops, seminars and anything else that has to do with leaning. Nothing new? You are completely correct, until here we came across nothing revolutionary. But the advantage of courseticket is that it also manages payments – users can easily pay for courses directly, using their credit cards, online banking or even via mobile. At your discretion, you can also evaluate the advertisements of trainings, the customer assessment statistics and even your entire account information.
Everything in one hand – simple und practical.

VBC (VerkaufsberaterInnencolleg) has specialized on the training of salespeople and was chosen as best provider of sales trainings by Austria's HR specialists in 2005.

VBC’s strategy has been well-defined since its inception in 1997: All trainers have years of professional experience in sales – because only does who are proficient in sales themselves understand how selling works and are acquainted with the business environment of the seminar participants.VBC offers seminars on  33 different topics from the area of selling  as company internal seminars, 13 of which are also available for individual participants.

Education is key for a sustainable development


HPS Germany actively supports a school in Sukuta in The Gambia.

As an international training institution, education and professional development is a matter close to our heart. This is especially true where support for a school project gives ambitious young people the opportunity to graduate, find a job and live their own life. Education opens up new horizons for them within their own country so they no longer see emigration as their only option. The secret of success of this privately operated school in The Gambia lies in the well structured pedagogical concept, and in the close cooperation between the German foundation and the school management and parents’ association, founded in 2015.

Today some 650 students attend this non-confessional school, which has meanwhile become one of the best schools in The Gambia and will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2019.

Last year donations from HPS helped to build a new classroom and to buy laptops and a mobile solar unit, providing modern infrastructure for the school so that it can now offer IT courses for classes 6-9. This is an important step towards creating the basis for entrance to university and further professional training, while also ensuring that the school has a reliable source of electric power. Democracy is still young in The Gambia, which is one of the poorest nations in the world, but offers hope for a better future.

We at HPS want to make our small contribution to this country’s future. For more information about this project (currently in German only), please visit:
Förderverein Sukuta-Wannsee e.V.