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Why us? What makes us different – and why you benefit from working with the market leader.

Doing it – again and again and again

People usually change their behavioural patterns only once they realise that they are more successful with the “new” behaviour. Our seminars are generally conducted by two of our trainers. This ensures up to 100 times in front of video cameras.

Work with THE specialist

When you’ve got toothache, you don’t go to your doctor. You visit the dentist. When you want to improve your presentation and public speaking skills, visit HPS. Why? Because this is what we have been doing for the past 30 years – we are the specialists, not the generalists.

Pain-free video analysis

There is no “pain” involved in our video analysis, as we do not give feedback in front of the group, a dreaded and time-consuming practice. Instead we use parallel video stations, allowing lots of practice and analysis without any of that group pressure. You can choose to look at our feedback in an adjoining room alone or discuss it with one of our coaches.

Practical tools

All our tools are 100% tailored to presentation and public speaking situations. You start using them in your own area of expertise during your training course, and can easily integrate them into your everyday business life afterwards.

With HPS I can be sure that our staff will get a first-rate CPD seminar.

Teresa Hochedlinger
Human Resources Management, Austrian National Tourist Board

8 good reasons to book a course at HPS

With HPS you get the perfect service. We help you throughout your journey: before, during and after your training course.

Best possible advice gets you best results

Benefit from truly competent and professional advice. Don’t take just any odd course but get the solution that’s best for you and your particular circumstances. Tailored to your needs, and in the form of training courses, coaching sessions or our Creation services.

Saves you valuable time

We will handle almost every aspect of your training course, preparing all the questionnaires, check lists and invitation letters, for example. This will save you valuable time. And we can also help you to advertise the course within your company.

Your company is in the best of hands

Book with the specialists: we have worked in the field that we know best for 30 years now. We think in terms of long-term quality, and not short-term profits. And that’s why we’ve been so successful. “Industriemagazin” has already ranked us five times as the number-one seminar provider.

Keeping our finger on the pulse

You can rely on your team’s presentations being cutting-edge. We keep a watchful eye on any innovations, promising trends and new styles, and then incorporate these into our courses.

Taking pleasure from progress

Rest assured that your employees will be fully motivated at the end of their training seminar and looking forward to every upcoming challenge, with practical tools on hand. During the seminar, our trainers always provide a safe and supportive learning environment for the group.

Looking back to be able to look forward

Our practical tools, which can easily be integrated into your everyday business life, ensure that your course will bring sustainable results. By looking back on the course together and through our final report, we will give you valuable feedback for the future.

Premium training courses

Your team will thank you; after all, employees appreciate premium services too. And you are sure to be commended for selecting and organising such a valuable opportunity.

Your booking is crisis-proof

If you book with HPS, you know that you can convert your face-to-face training into a web training, if required. Your participants will get an effective HPS intensive training online. That way, your training success is secured - even in a virtual setting. In case of face-to-face trainings, you can rely on the fact that HPS follows all recommended social distancing guidelines.

HPS Chronology – Highlights


Prof. Dr. Emil Hierhold starts out at the Gesellschaft für Personalentwicklung as an independent trainer for presentation skills


The first computer presentation (LC display ) in a seminar


Founding of HPS: Professional training institute for presentation skills courses


Presentation skills courses in English


Market entry in Russia with franchise partner A.R.M.S. Trainingshouse


Market entry in Germany (HPS Germany GmbH)


Founding of HPS Hochschultraining Austria


Market entry in Switzerland (HPS Switzerland)


Opening of the HPS Ukrainian Office (HPS Ukraine) through A.R.M.S.


Founding of HPS Hochschultraining Germany


Market entry in Hungary with franchise partner Kopernikus Business Training Kft.


Market entry in Denmark, Sweden and Norway (HPS Scandinavia with head office in Copenhagen)


Market entry in Czech Republic (HPS Czech Republic) and Middle East & North Africa (HPS MENA with head office in Beirut, Lebanon)


Establishment of HPS Creation


New brand identity and branding


Market entry in Poland (HPS Polska)


New seminars "Storypresenting" und "Storytelling"