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    Open or in-house trainings on the topics of presentation, rhetoric and moderation. - in German and English.

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    Individual work on presentation concept and personal performance

    No time to attend a seminar? Your topic is still “top secret”? You need 100% individual service?

    Arrange your personal coaching: We work with you on your specific case, and we make sure that your upcoming presentation will be a success. Fast, individual, discreet and effective!

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    Profit from our presentation experts, not just during seminars, but also as consultants for your next important presentation project

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    The story to match your presentation

    We will shape your presentation with a goal, a strategy, a structure and a concise key message.
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    High impact slides for professional company presentations and special occasions such as pitches, conferences, keynote addresses or kick-offs.

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    For 25 years, HPS has been the largest presentation training institute in the German speaking area and offers trainings in more than 10 countries and 8 different languages.

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    Our staff and trainers are all experienced experts.

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    The most successful companies have been trusting us to train their management personnel for many years. 

    Our customers invest in communication competence and they know why. Above all, they understand that successful presentations are not a question of talent, but of the right training.

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    Our quality international brand is present in more than 10 countries, facilitating continuous international training with a reliable partner. 

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    HPS is the professional training institute for presentation, rhetoric and moderation.

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Inspire and convince your audience with stories

Why this is a must

Mere facts and figures listed in presentations or meetings won’t stick with your audience – embed them in a story, and they will! Use our innovative HPS storyboards to turn your company information into an exciting and relevant story. And then tell your story freely and confidently – without the use of any physical media. Impressive speaking skills and key body language will further underline your message.

Who benefits

You want to get your audience’s full attention and distinguish yourself from other speakers? With gripping messages, exciting stories and effective analogies? And without the use of any physical media.

If you wish to use media after all, we recommend you attend our
Storypresenting® seminar.



Develop your impressive story with the HPS storyboards

Inspire and convince your audience with stories


Dr. Schien Ninan

Educational Background

Visiting Scholar UC Berkeley, Training at Duarte Design California, Doctorate WU Vienna, Marketing & Sales FH Wien, University of Wales, Southern Illinois University

Professional Background

Schien is Training & Creative Director as well as associate of HPS. He founded the presentation agency "NINAN Outstanding Presentations", which was later integrated into HPS. In 2009, he was awarded the "Alumni of the Year" award by his Alma Mater FH Vienna and in 2011 recognized for his "outstanding entrepreneurial achievements" by WU Vienna. As head of his presentation agency and as associate at the Institute for International Business he gained presentation experience in the USA, Canada, China, Brazil, Spain and Vietnam. He has worked with companies such as Porsche, Red Bull, Austrian Lotteries, MAN, HDI Insurance and Boehringer Ingelheim.

HPS Focus

As Creative Director Schien is responsible for the continuous development of HPS trainings. He uses his presentation know-how for the conception of high-end presentations and executive coachings. Together with Dr. Hierhold he writes Europe’s leading presentation blog (in German) at www.hps-training.com/blog.

A good story is what makes your presentation work

3 days intensive training worth the investment

Start on day 1: 9am.
End on day 2: 5pm

Maximum participants

6 in the interest of optimised learning

Costs per participant

on request


Directly with Monika Keller

+43-1-522 40 50-40


Fax registration:
+43-1-522 40 50-50

Training Content

  • HPS storyboards: 6 convincing stories that will work for well over 90% of all business situations
  • Using the right language to move your audience and instil trust
  • Using our target tool to get down to the core message and adapting it to your target audience
  • Bringing stories to life by impressing your audience with your presence
  • Using key body language to get your core messages across
  • Attracting attention with language and your voice (Dictaphone practice)
  • Keeping your audience in suspense by using appropriate techniques

Training Methods

Step by step develop your own story
  • Working on topics from your own professional experience (use the seminar to prepare for real upcoming business situations and save time)
  • Workshop character: convert your own presentation into a story 
  • Permanent content-related & technical support by trainer & co-trainer
  • Highest amount of practice and feedback due to 2-trainer-team
  • Entertraining®: learning with the fun factor driven by tangible progress – intensive training with energizer modules
With more than 5 participants an IN-HOUSE training offers you these benefits:
  • a confidential environment,
  • your ideal date & location,
  • teambuilding effects,
  • learning partnerships,
  • tailor-made solutions,
  • real individualisation,
  • ... and you save money (up to 40%)
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