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    Open or in-house trainings on the topics of presentation, rhetoric and moderation. - in German and English.

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    Individual work on presentation concept and personal performance

    No time to attend a seminar? Your topic is still “top secret”? You need 100% individual service?

    Arrange your personal coaching: We work with you on your specific case, and we make sure that your upcoming presentation will be a success. Fast, individual, discreet and effective!

  • The HPS Manufacture

    Individual consulting, design and coaching proficiency

    Profit from our presentation experts, not just during seminars, but also as consultants for your next important presentation project

  • Projekt-Consulting

    The story to match your presentation

    We will shape your presentation with a goal, a strategy, a structure and a concise key message.
  • Slide Design

    Professional design for your presentation

    High impact slides for professional company presentations and special occasions such as pitches, conferences, keynote addresses or kick-offs.

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    For 25 years, HPS has been the largest presentation training institute in the German speaking area and offers trainings in more than 10 countries and 8 different languages.

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    Our staff and trainers are all experienced experts.

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    The most successful companies have been trusting us to train their management personnel for many years. 

    Our customers invest in communication competence and they know why. Above all, they understand that successful presentations are not a question of talent, but of the right training.

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    Our quality international brand is present in more than 10 countries, facilitating continuous international training with a reliable partner. 

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    HPS is the professional training institute for presentation, rhetoric and moderation.

    For further training topics we recommend the exceptional seminars of other institutes.


Better Business Presentations

High impact presentations - clear, confident and convincing

Why this is a must

In today's international business world, presentations are an integral part of the decision-making process. Our training will help you to communicate information, make proposals and get approval for your ideas. In this presentation training you will learn how to make clear, concise and logical presentations. You will make an impact with a confident and convincing style.

Who benefits

All presenters who want to get their message across clearly and professionally. For managers, consultants as well as independent business professionals.

What you gain

You will gain more confidence with these clear and concise presentation skills. You will improve your personal impact and ability to satisfy critical and demanding audiences through structures and effective visual support, making your meetings much shorter. In this presentation training you will learn how to control, direct and navigate through the discussion and question and answer period that follows your presentation.

Participants need to bring their own notebook to the presentation training.


Open training dates

Dates in Austria / Germany / Switzerland

With an even richer toolbox and modern presentation know-how, we can now tailor our approach to your individual needs.

3 days intensive training worth the investment

Start on day 1: 9am
End on day 1&2: 7.30pm
End on day 3:5 pm

Maximum participants

10 in the interest of optimised learning

Costs per participant

on request



Directly with Monika Keller

+43-1-522 40 50-40


Fax registration:
+43-1-522 40 50-50

Training Content

Learn to apply the 7 key success factors in presenting
  • Power up your personal performance and impact
  • Meet the needs of your audience by selecting the right information and structuring it with the HPS QUICK-Struct©
  • Prepare and structure convincing proposals and solutions with the ARGU-Struct©
  • Define presentation goals and analyse audience interests with the Target Tool©
  • Use effective HPS tools for a strong presentation start and a successful finale
  • Handle media professionally to guide audience attention
  • Draft and design PowerPoint slides quickly and effectively, modern presentation design
  • Professionally handle disturbances and objections, lead discussions and Q&A sessions
  • Comprehensive training material, practical tools and the HPS Presentation-App

Training Methods

The difference is in "learning by doing"
  • Working on topics from your own professional experience (use the seminar to prepare for real upcoming business situations and save time)
  • Participants bring a short presentation on their own notebook to the training session, as well as other material (samples, demo-material, brochures, etc.) for further presentations
  • Stress-free video analysis and a personal SD-card for documentation of the progress
  • Constructive and comprehensive multi-component feedback
  • Intensive practice and feedback thanks to 2-trainer team: up to 10 video recordings per participant
  • Entertraining®: learning with the fun factor driven by tangible progress!
  • Intensive training with energizer modules
With more than 5 participants an IN-HOUSE training offers you these benefits:
  • a confidential environment,
  • your ideal date & location,
  • teambuilding effects,
  • learning partnerships,
  • tailor-made solutions,
  • real individualisation,
  • ... and you save money (up to 40%)
Our team will be pleased to advise you:
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