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Classic HPS seminars on presenting and public speaking

Our seminar classics for typical everyday business needs. Bring out the best in yourself.

Special HPS seminars on presenting and public speaking

These seminars target highly specific communication and presentation needs. Giving you poise and confidence in all situations.

You effectively use all the advantages of digital consulting meetings. You lead your calls confidently and convince with live images and visualization.

You present your services clearly, structured and with maximum impact.

In hybrid meetings, you successfully engage both online and offline participants. You will find the right mix of digital and analog tools for your task.

You will succeed in the new way of hybrid communication.

You are an executive and want to be able to present a convincing argument, showing a clear personal profile.

Got your own distinct personal traits? Use them.

Next to your job as an expert in your field, you impart valuable knowledge in your training seminars, clearly and convincingly.

You win in both of your roles.

Grab your target audience’s attention with relevant content, the right visuals and a perfect impact.

Your words will last long in the memory.

Learn how to use Prezi skillfully and professionally, and give more creative presentations than your competitors.

No more ordinary PowerPoint slides.

Visualise any money matter with just a pen, paper and calculator, and lead your client to the solution to their problem.

You will be considered a financial whizz.

Facilitate discussions and enable teams to find solutions and make decisions.

You will be in full control of any meeting.

You respond quickly and effectively to any attack or objection, ready with the right answer at all times.

You won’t ever be lost for words again.

You will get to know and master the basics of PowerPoint. Also suitable for beginners.

Afterwards you will be able to design professional slides and animations.

You resolve conflicts, shape relationships and turn difficult issues into positive outcomes.

You will be the saviour of the situation.