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Campaigning in conflict situations

Develop mental resilience and verbal quick-wittedness

Why this is a must

You will gain respect and authority, counter attacks skilfully and boost your mental resilience.

You won’t ever be verbally intimidated again.

Who benefits

Anyone who wants to be more assertive in difficult situations and gain respect and authority.
All participants receive Rupert Lay’s book “Dialektik für Manager”.

For individuals - public dates
In-house seminars are the best value for groups of 5 or more.

Dates in German: Konfliktorientierte Kampfrhetorik

Date Location Duration You invest (excl. VAT)
AT, 1090 Wien 3 days € 2,060.00 € 2,472.00 incl. 20% VAT

All prices exclusive VAT. Plus board and lodging.

Key facts

3 days of intensive training with up to ten participants

Day 1: 10:00 – 19:30

Day 2: 08:30 – 19:30

Day 3: 08:30 – 17:00

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For teams - in-house seminars

In-house seminars are a great option (and the best value) for groups of 5 or more.

a confidential environment

your ideal date & location

teambuilding effects

learning partnerships

tailor-made solutions

real individualisation

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For executives - individual coaching

Don’t have the time to attend a seminar? Or perhaps you are working in a highly confidential area?

With our Executive Coaching programme, we can offer you a bespoke service.

Your benefit

We will work with you on your presentation, ensuring that your next public speaking performance is a success.

This won’t take much time, and will be highly specific, discreet and effective.

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Blunt, provocative and ruthless. Just as in real life.


Content & methods

Training course content

You will learn how to recognise opportunities for intervention and how to circumvent rhetorical traps

You will learn how to counter personal attacks skilfully and become tougher and generally more resilient

You will learn how to be more assertive in debates

You will learn how to break the circle of aggression and how to react professionally in personal debates

Looking into your counterpart’s psyche will help you to understand and respond to rhetorical tricks

You will learn how to ward off fear and aggression and why people attack, provoke or hurt deliberately

Training methods

Unsettling dialectics deliberately blur the borders between game and reality

Looking glass: self-reflection and video analysis clearly show how rhetorical traps work and help find appropriate defence mechanisms

Practising debates and debating techniques

Circle of aggression: getting out of it by using favourable arguments

Squaring the dialectical circle: consciously changing perspective

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Focus areas

Focus areas

  • Be confident and poised
  • Master any ad hoc situation