Module 4 – Speaking

Communicate confidently and convincingly

Even during their studies students are expected to be confident with public speaking, as it is only those students who can present their ideas convincingly who will win recognition and get their counterparts to accept their proposals and ideas. Professional qualifications are taken for granted by human resources managers. It is professional communication skills that will get you the brilliant career. So improve on them now.

What is it about?

  • Learning how to draft a talk that will hold your target group’s attention.
  • Helping you to work on your vocal expressiveness and body language.
  • Enabling you to present a convincing case with logically presented factual arguments.
  • Appearing with poise and confidence.


Students who want to gain their first experience of presenting or want to prepare for presenting their diploma thesis.

Students with presentation experience who want to hone their skills.

All degree programmes.


  • Appearing confident and poised – being comfortable with yourself (gestures, facial expressions, voice)
  • Structuring your talk: beginning – building up suspense – closing comments
  • Developing ironclad arguments, by way of target group analysis
  • Getting your core messages to stick: speak concisely and clearly
  • Expressing your opinion transparently: speak logically, briefly and concisely
  • Difficult conversations: mastering them respectfully, avoiding killer phrases

When you combine two modules, we arrange up to four video-taped performances per person.