Module 3 – Science

Presenting research results professionally

The manner in which you present your research results is just as important as the content itself, as your presentation will be judged by its overall impact. Therefore, our goal for this workshop is to make you feel more confident when presenting and to ensure that the presentations you give at conferences, workshops or elsewhere are more effective. Our seminars not only include discussions but also make time for participants to receive feedback.

What is it about?

  • Getting to know the tips and tricks behind professional presenting, and how to employ them in practice.
  • Exuding confidence.
  • Learning how to feel less nervous and how to use slides and flip charts professionally.
  • Presenting your research results with a clear structure will make you more convincing.


PhD students, prae-doc and post-doc, who want to work on the presentation of their own academic research results or another important lecture, or who are interested in rehearsing in an informal setting.


  • Turning stage freight and nerves into persuasiveness
  • Analysing personal impact potentials and your own impact on others
  • Academic lectures: structuring your presentation
  • Presenting the right information for the target group: focusing on the main points
  • Conveying complex issues clearly and simply – getting your core messages across
  • Preparing attractive slides, using images, diagrams and charts to support your case
  • Practising various presentation situations and the use of presentation media