Module 2 – Story and slides

Presenting facts, proposals and solutions better

When preparing presentations students often find it difficult to distil the most significant points from complex facts and data and to identify their core message. You have just a couple of minutes at the beginning of your presentation to attract your audience’s full attention. How to do it? By starting off with aplomb, following your central theme through with a clear line of argument and coming to a successful conclusion. Using images, diagrams and charts as and when required will make it easier for your audience to follow. Students who complete this module will be able to present information in a clearer, more convincing and interesting manner within less time.

What is it about?

  • Learning how to convey your expertise to your target group.
  • Learning how to structure your proposals and solutions in a convincing manner.
  • Leading your audience elegantly to your presentation goal.
  • Preparing your information visually and presenting convincingly, allowing a decision to be reached (PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, Flipchart).
  • Giving you the breakthrough you deserve, for yourself and your ideas.


Students who need to give regular presentations during their studies or want to prepare for presenting their diploma thesis.

Students with presentation experience who want to hone their skills.

All degree programmes.


  • Presenting the right information for the target group with Target Tool®
  • Proceeding from problem to solution with plausible arguments
  • Convincing others in just five minutes with ARGU-Strukt®
  • Conveying complex issues clearly and simply
  • Getting your core messages to stick – including elements that underline your statements
  • Using professional visualisation techniques such as images, diagrams and charts to support your case
  • Keeping track of your presentation goals and reaching them