Module 1 – Stage

Confidence and handling the media

Presentations are now part and parcel of life at universities and in the business world. Students should start working on these public speaking skills during their studies, when they need to present their term papers or research projects. Whether a presentation is perceived as successful or not largely depends on the overall impact the presenter makes. Students who complete this module will feel more confident when presenting and will be able to sell themselves and their ideas more easily.

What is it about?

  • Getting to know the tips and tricks behind professional presenting, and how to employ them in practice.
  • Learning how to keep your nerve.
  • Learning how to win over your audience and to use slides professionally.
  • Staying authentic and placing the focus on you as a person.
  • Presenting confidently with winning arguments.


Students who want to gain their first experience of presenting or want to prepare for presenting their diploma thesis.

Students with presentation experience who want to hone their skills.

All degree programmes.


  • Turning stage freight and nerves into persuasiveness
  • Using the power of the first (and last) impression
  • Analysing personal impact potentials and your own impact on others
  • Your body speaks for itself: using gestures, facial expressions, look, voice and posture to your advantage
  • Using projectors and flip charts professionally – expanding your repertoire of media
  • Boosting your personal impact: useful tips for all types of presentations

When you combine two modules, we arrange up to four video-taped performances per person.