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Microsoft has recently published a video which announces a new feature. With this innovative function, presenting will be easier for you, especially in an international context.

Anyone who claims that he is never nervous, cheats. It is okay to feel excitement before a “performance”. However, the decisive question is: How much of it is good for you?

You know that the right preparation is essential for your important presentation. With professional tips from our trainings Better Business Presentations and Powertalk, you will know how.

This speech has made the headlines worldwide and will probably astonish you as well. Because Gates brought something rather unusual to the stage.

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Apple devotes very high effort to presenting its new products, with a lot of success. For you, the question is: What can you learn from them for your daily business? Answer: for example, a storyline!

You know that arguing with someone is not easy. Many of us prefer to avoid discussions with different-minded people in the first place, or we are desperate to try and convince them. There is, however, a different way!

If you present to a small group, which people should you pay particular attention to?

Well, it primarily depends on their attitude towards the topic!

Your conclusion always matters

Typically, speakers end their presentation with the last slide and then ask “are there any questions?“. You know, there is a better way!