HPS Creation – For all your requirements

Don’t have the time to prepare your presentation? We can write your story and prepare your PowerPoint slides for you. To your exact specifications, and quickly too.

Customised solutions for you and your company

You have a very important and decisive presentation coming up, such as a company presentation, a management proposal or a keynote speech at an event. In these situations you have only one chance to get it right and everything must go smoothly.

This is where we come in. We can construct the complete story and content of your important presentation for you (possibly also in the form of a workshop with more participants) and even design your slides for you.

A perfect presentation for a perfect appearance

Your challenge
Not happy with your presentation, or not even got round to writing one yet? Not to mention the fact you’re struggling for ideas, expertise and time?

Our offer
Together with you and your team we prepare your story and/or create your presentation. Book our entire Creation package or just those parts of it that you need. It’s entirely up to you.

1: Story – Contents and structure

  • Aims, strategy and structure of your presentation
  • Your story
  • Succinct key messages

To prepare your presentation you need to focus on the aims and context of your talk. Pitches or information: we help you structure your contents, all the while considering your target group’s expectations and making sure that you will be heard and understood.

2: Slides – Creating your presentation

  • Professional design for your presentation
  • PowerPoint or Keynote
  • Using your corporate design or developing a new visual language

Our graphic artists will enrich your presentations with elements created using professional software such as Photoshop® or Illustrator® and send you your finished presentation in PowerPoint® or Keynote®.

We can create the complete look of your presentation according to the latest presentation standards. The graphics can perfectly match your company’s corporate design or we can even develop an entirely new look and key visuals.

Appearance matters. This is why professional presentations need good design as well as content.

Christoph Kaiser, PowerPoint Designer

You are in good hands

Here you can find a few examples of HPS presentation designs.  All presentations have been created using Microsoft PowerPoint® and can be adapted to your precise requirements.

We support you by...

  • Matching the key concept behind your presentation with  consistent imagery
  • Editing the slides according to professional design standards and HPS Guidelines
  • Subsequently matching the presentation to your company’s corporate identity or building a new design
  • Graphically editing the charts and tables you use most often
  • Building individual animations for your presentation
Do you have questions?
Alexander Dietz will advise you: