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You underestimate quotations in presentations

Von Dr. Schien Ninan

When was the last time you effectively used a quotation in your presentation? If it has been a while, you should not miss this tip from „Storypresenting“.

Quotations offer a lot of advantages:

  1. You are no longer alone
    If you quote others in your argumentation, you automatically have supporters and are no longer alone with your logic.
Dr. Schien Ninan
Training & Creative Director, Gesellschafter

Schien hat bei jener Agentur in Kalifornien gelernt, die Steve Jobs' Präsentationen entwickelt hat. Heute berät er Geschäftsführer und Vorstände europäischer Unternehmen und setzt sein Know-how für die Konzeption von HPS Trainings ein.

Passende Trainings

You effectively use all the advantages of digital consulting meetings. You lead your calls confidently and convince with live images and visualization.

You present your services clearly, structured and with maximum impact.

In hybrid meetings, you successfully engage both online and offline participants. You will find the right mix of digital and analog tools for your task.

You will succeed in the new way of hybrid communication.

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