This is how you end your presentation with a strong finale – a second solution

Von Dr. Schien Ninan

Your conclusion always matters

Typically, speakers end their presentation with the last slide and then ask “are there any questions?“. You know, there is a better way!

All those who have attended our training “Better Business Presentations“, get help from our final card. It reminds you of a finale with: core message – call for action – benefits.

An alternative to your core message

This video shows another solution. It is primarily about the question why it is so difficult to run the marathon in less than two hours. However, please pay particular attention to how the speaker phrases the conclusion of the video.

So two hours: is it possible? … Maybe.
Are we going to see it in our lifetime? … Probably.
Will it be easy? … Absolutely not.

This solution creates suspense, because it progressively provides the answers to three rhetorical questions: “1. Maybe, 2. Probably, 3. Absolutely not.“

This means for you

Use this formula to conclude your presentation in an exciting way. Maybe similar to what I developed last week with the board of an industrial corporation:

Will our competitors make massive investments? … Maybe.
Will this year be easy for us? … Probably not.
Can we still grow with the new strategy? … Absolutely.

In our training “Better Business Presentations“, you will get the “Final card“, which you should use for the strong finale of your presentation. Of course, you will also get a tool for the perfect start: the “Start card“.

Dr. Schien Ninan
Training & Creative Director, Gesellschafter

Schien hat bei jener Agentur in Kalifornien gelernt, die Steve Jobs' Präsentationen entwickelt hat. Heute berät er Geschäftsführer und Vorstände europäischer Unternehmen und setzt sein Know-how für die Konzeption von HPS Trainings ein.

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