Practice makes perfect? This is how you get it right!

Von Mag. (FH) Oliver Yeoh

You know that the right preparation is essential for your important presentation. With professional tips from our trainings Better Business Presentations and Powertalk, you will know how.


All professionals practice!

Barack Obama is considered as one of the most exceptionally gifted speakers in the world. However, even this experienced speaker practices his most important speeches for hours and hours, as this glimpse behind the scenes shows:

Far more leaders than you might think hire coaches before important presentations. Therefore, it is not surprising that we count 94% of all leading ATX companies among our clients.

“Oh, I have just practiced this twice in front of a mirror


Only very few people will admit to you that they have been supported by a pro …

This is how you get good practice

  1. Never learn your speech by heart. If anything, memorize only special, important phrases.
  2. Do not just practice in your thoughts. Practice your speech out loud. Only by doing that, you will have a strong learning effect.
  3. When under time pressure, don’t just practice your start. Make sure to practice your start, but also the end. It is this sequence that people will remember most clearly.
  4. Ask your friends, colleagues, family for their feedback. For really important speeches or presentations, which are decisive in driving your career forward: invest in a professional Coaching.
Mag. (FH) Oliver Yeoh
HPS Produktmanager

Oliver hat langjährige internationale Erfahrung im Marketing von renommierten Unternehmen wie Chiquita, Mondi und Heineken. Sein Know-how setzt er im HPS Produktmanagement und in Trainings ein.

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