Bill Gates‘ latest talk has what it takes

Von Dr. Schien Ninan

This speech has made the headlines worldwide and will probably astonish you as well. Because Gates brought something rather unusual to the stage.


A jar of feces – the most extreme “highlight“?

Have you ever seen a jar of feces? If you watch this video, you can answer the question with a “yes“.

Bill Gates is serious about it. He is concerned about the bad condition of sanitary facilities in many countries. These contribute to the spread of many, even deadly diseases.

A problem which many scientists are already working on. Gates wants to support them in this endeavor. Not only financially – he also wants to attract global attention. As you can see, he succeeds in doing so.

Use highlights for your presentation

Highlights are those measures that you deliberately take in order to keep your audience’s attention alert. As you can see here, there are a whole lot of them for you to use:

Make good use of these opportunities. In our trainings Storypresenting® and Storytelling, you will learn how to apply them, without losing credibility.

In fact, it doesn’t have to be a jar of feces to increase the level of attention …

Dr. Schien Ninan
Training & Creative Director, Gesellschafter

Schien hat bei jener Agentur in Kalifornien gelernt, die Steve Jobs' Präsentationen entwickelt hat. Heute berät er Geschäftsführer und Vorstände europäischer Unternehmen und setzt sein Know-how für die Konzeption von HPS Trainings ein.

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