Homeoffice seminar

Find the right web + home office training with the #1 in Europe

Home offices and web meetings are part of your present and future. Nevertheless, many still do not succeed in communicating optimally in digital form.

We distinguish between pure web meetings, hybrid meetings with mixed participants and web meetings with a consulting focus for your customers:

Special: The tailor-made solution for your team

You have special requirements? Work with us to develop a unique training specifically for your team.

Schedule of web + home office seminars

All trainings can also be booked in-house and at your desired date

Topic Date Location Language Duration
www.­Meeting Communication training: Leading online & web meetings professionally
30.09.2024 - 01.10.2024, in German AT, 1060 Wien, 2 days in German 2 days
www.­Meeting Communication training: Leading online & web meetings professionally
12.11.2024 - 13.11.2024, in German AT, 1060 Wien, 2 days in German 2 days
Hybrid Meeting Hybrid communication: Hybrid Meeting
27.11.2024 - 28.11.2024, in German AT, online, 2 days in German 2 days

Also successful online - without boredom

"Leading online & web meetings professionally" is an art you can learn in this training. With the right techniques and tools, your participants will take part in the meeting with commitment. You be convincing, even in 2D.

Winning over your customers virtually

The digital consultation, well conducted, is a real opportunity. The hurdle for potential customers is significantly lower, the frequency potentially higher. Learn how to make professional online calls in "Web Call - Convincing in digital consulting".

Hybrid is here to stay​

Do you regularly present to hybrid audiences, some on-site in the room and some online in front of a screen? Then "Hybrid Communication" is your solution. In this training, you will learn how to win over all participants to you and your topic.

Tailor-made for your team

Do you have a team with special requirements that you want to develop? Then our "HPS Specials" are the right starting point for you. Our experts will advise you on the focus, intensity and duration of your learning program.

The sustainable Learning Journey

You want to develop your team in the long term and are thinking of not just one training course but combining an entire concept consisting of various learning units? Together with our experts, we develop your individual "Learning Journey" that can be optimally integrated into your daily work routine.