Slides that win

Presentation design: Creating convincing presentation slides

Design impressive slides. Skillfully implement the state of the art of modern slide design.

  • Your slides reinforce your statements and thus remain in memory. You know when to choose which form of visualization for your messages.
  • Create visual elements such as images, charts or diagrams quickly, efficiently and visually attractive in your corporate design.
  • You know all the time-saving tips and tricks in PowerPoint and also know professional effects to be particularly impressive.
  • Our team of experts will help you improve your specific slides. Your designs will impress colleagues and superiors.

"Slides that Win" is a presentation design training for those who want to convince with PowerPoint slides on a regular basis.​
You want to update your PowerPoint skills? Then we recommend the training "PowerPoint"!

Choose intensity & format of your training

You would like to improve your team's design skills? From a short impulse lecture to a learning journey lasting several months, you can get your customized program from us. You choose the learning format: whether face-to-face courses, online training or hybrid solutions.

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In-house seminars are a great option (and the best value) for groups of 5 or more.

  • Absolute confidentiality

  • Ideal time and place

  • Strong team building effects

  • Customized solutions

  • Better terms and conditions

  • Real individualization

Save on our in-house offers for 5 or more people.

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Choose your date

Date Location Language Duration You invest (excl. VAT)
AT, 1070 Wien, 1 days in German 1 days € 620.00 € 744.00 incl. 20% VAT
AT, Web-Training, 1 days in German 1 days € 620.00 € 744.00 incl. 20% VAT

Key facts

    • Day 1
      9:00 – 17:00

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+43 676 383 14 46

You don't have time to attend a seminar or your topic is still "top secret"?

You get 100% individual service with our executive coaching.

Your benefit

You will work with us on your specific case, ensuring that your next speaking performance is a success. Quickly, individually, discreetly and effectively.

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Your training contents

In this seminar, you will learn to create the perfect slides for your presentation - supporting the message and visually impressive.

We will show you how to use PowerPoint efficiently and effectively for business use. With this training, you will learn to fully explore the range of modern slide design.

Slides that work
Your slides are not only beautiful, but also captivating in terms of content, because you know when which visualization makes sense.

Diverse and varied
Your presentation impresses with the use of different elements such as images, charts or diagrams.

The right amount of effects
You know the latest animations and transitions. You use them in such a way that they impress without distracting.

Use valuable resources
In addition to many HPS slide templates, you also use web resources for photos, icons, designs, etc. in a meaningful way.

Everything corporate
Beautiful also works in corporate design. We show you how to work reasonably with your colors and designs.

Slides that always work
You know how to design slides for face-to-face, online, hybrid or handout use.

Know how
Thanks to many practical tips, you'll create slides not only better but also faster.

The gold standard implemented
You know all the do's and don'ts of modern design. Legibility and signal strength of your slides are high.

The HPS training methods

  • Learning from real life
    HPS trainings are business trainings. You do not train on the basis of "feel-good" topics, but using topics from your daily practice.

  • Specialists with know-how
    HPS trainers are communication specialists, not generalists. Our team of trainers knows exactly which techniques will help you get to your next level.

  • Doing instead of just listening
    The HPS didactics combined with two trainers ensure: You practice actively 80% of the training time!

  • Enjoy your individual progress
    Progress, achieve success, have fun - with our proven HPS method. Our Google reviews prove it.

  • Everything blended
    Thanks to our blended learning platform, you always have all the tools with you - even long after the seminar.

  • Optional: Learning on the job
    We develop your team over several months and integrate learning perfectly into the daily work routine.


  • Your presentations meet your requirements: premium. Your clientele sees the value of your performance.

  • The investment in the training pays for itself with every presentation you give.

  • You save time in creating your documents thanks to know-how and templates.

  • Your documents are of higher quality and support presenters more than before - so they are used more often.

  • By developing your own skills, you save on external costs for graphics and design.

  • Internal coordination between presenter and creators becomes more efficient, saving valuable time.

Do you have questions?

Your sales team will advise you:
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What makes HPS the number one choice

Thanks to state-of-the-art know-how and 2-trainer intensity, HPS trainings have the highest degree of effectiveness and pay off quickly. Our participants appreciate the quality and benefits of our trainings - Google Reviews.

  • 32
    years of specialization
  • >30
    certified experts
  • 64K+
    successful participants
  • 95%
    of DAX & ATX companies trust us
  • NR.1
    multiple "Industriemagazin" awards
  • 10
    countries in which we operate


Fantastisches Training mit guten Praxistipps zum Thema Präsentieren im Unternehmenskontext

alexander hochmann

Sehr individuelles und effizientes Training, Trainingszentrum öffentlich perfekt erreichbar


Hatte heute mein erstes Training & bin super begeistert. Hatte noch nie so ein spannendes Training! 100%ige Weiterempfehlung! :)


Great training from Philipp Böttcher about Storypresenting. Thank you

Faustino Fernandez

Danke für das tolle Training mit euch

Gerhard Moser

Tolles Team, voller herzensguter Menschen! Von der Führung, bis zur Administion.

Philip Berger

Die HPS Didaktik hat sich schon bei mehrere Trainings von Ihnen als bewehrt gezeigt und zu großen Fortgeschritten geführt.

R. Rollinger

Hilfreich, aktiv, lustig

Monika Antoniadis

Sehr zu empfehlen

Pavol Blahunka
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