PowerPoint course: Mastering the standard program

Create slides efficiently and save time. Know all the basic and advanced features of the software.

  • You will bring your software skills up to date and know how to implement your visual ideas in the application.
  • Use slide masters, templates and layouts to save time and get the most out of your work.
  • Create animations, hyperlinks, and stunning effects with ease.
  • Our team of experts will support you in the application of this standard program. You will surprise colleagues and superiors with your knowledge.

"PowerPoint" is a course for those who regularly create slides with PowerPoint and would like to master the software perfectly.

Do you want to design impressive slides?
Then we recommend the training "Slides that win"!​

Choose intensity & format of your training

You would like to improve your team's design skills? From a short impulse lecture to a learning journey lasting several months, you can get your customized program from us. You choose the learning format: whether face-to-face courses, online training or hybrid solutions.

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In-house seminars are a great option (and the best value) for groups of 5 or more.

  • Absolute confidentiality

  • Ideal time and place

  • Strong team building effects

  • Customized solutions

  • Better terms and conditions

  • Real individualization

You don't have time to attend a seminar or your topic is still "top secret"?

You get 100% individual service with our executive coaching.

Your benefit

You will work with us on your specific case, ensuring that your next speaking performance is a success. Quickly, individually, discreetly and effectively.

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Your training contents

In this seminar you will learn to use PowerPoint to its full extent. You can implement visual ideas effortlessly in the software.

We will show you how to create slides for all purposes in a time-saving and trouble-free way. With this training you will learn to master the most important functions of the standard program.

Know basic functions
Everything you need to create slides optimally, you will learn in this training from scratch.

Convenient and fast
Set up your user interface the way you like it, with important functions just a few clicks away.

Use advanced techniques
Learn to apply the latest effects and features and push the software to its limits.

Insert everything
Integrate images, diagrams, tables, videos and more with ease.

There is one master only
Used correctly, the slide master is your friend and saves you and your colleagues a lot of extra miles.

Meaningful collaboration
Work with colleagues on the same presentation, leave comments and notes.

Everything in motion
Successful animations and slide transitions are not witchcraft for you, but a skill.

Zoom in and out
Create presentations that impress with zoom effects and don't even have the look of PowerPoint.

The HPS training methods

  • Learning from real life
    HPS trainings are practical trainings. You work on the basis of your own presentation and optimize it.

  • Specialists with know-how
    HPS trainers are communication specialists, not generalists. Our team of trainers knows exactly which techniques will help you get to your next level.

  • Doing instead of just listening
    The HPS didactics ensures: you practice actively 80% of the training time!

  • Enjoy your individual progress
    Progress, achieve success, have fun - with our proven HPS method. Our Google reviews prove it.

  • Everything blended
    Thanks to our blended learning platform, you always have all the tools with you - even long after the seminar.

  • Optional: Learning on the job
    We develop your team over several months and integrate learning perfectly into the daily work routine.


  • Thanks to your know-how, your presentations look more high-quality. The perceived value of your performance increases.

  • The investment in the training pays for itself with every presentation you create.

  • You save valuable time and money - your presentations are completed faster.

  • Your colleagues concentrate on presenting - you on creating the slides. The resources of each person are used more sensibly.

  • You support your colleagues with your expertise and become a multiplier.

  • The internal coordination between presenter and creator becomes more efficient, which saves valuable time.

Do you have questions?

Your sales team will advise you:
+43 676 383 14 46

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What makes HPS the number one choice

Thanks to state-of-the-art know-how and 2-trainer intensity, HPS trainings have the highest degree of effectiveness and pay off quickly. Our participants appreciate the quality and benefits of our trainings - Google Reviews.

  • 32
    years of specialization
  • >30
    certified experts
  • 64K+
    successful participants
  • 95%
    of DAX & ATX companies trust us
  • NR.1
    multiple "Industriemagazin" awards
  • 10
    countries in which we operate


Storytelling Schulung Empfehlenswert Viele aktive Übungen und viel Input zu Präsentationstechnik

Thomas Hofer

habe das Training "Power Rhetorik" bei Michael Reiter-Coban besucht. die zwei Tage sind kurzweilig, die Lernkurve ist enorm und der Trainer kompetent, aufmerksam und bringt die richtige Menge Humor mit.

Barbara Schmauss

Ich konnte viele interessante Eindrücke bei diesem Seminar mitnehmen. Es gibt viele Informationen, aber das Seminar ist sehr kurzweilig und jeder wird eingebunden.

Anja Metzlaff

Tolles Seminar!

Philipp Seifert

I just did the rhetoric training and it was a great benefit for me! A well prepared training with a really experienced trainer. I just can recommend this training!

Friedrich Reisenberger

Jeder der/die es kann sollte unbedingt dieser Kurs besuchen?

María Eugenia González Rodríguez

Top Kurs, sehr intensiv, sehr viele neue Themen angesprochen. Ich kann an allen empfehlen, weil wir alle Verkäufer sind.

Gergely Szabó

Sehr gutes Training, super Vortragende und ein echter Mehrwert für den Job aber auch privat! Danke!

Anton Hradil

Sehr professionell Beratung und Betreuung. Absprachen werden sehr gut getroffen und eingehalten. Auf Anfragen wird schnell reagiert. Ich finde besonders gut, dass HPS Training nicht alles anbietet, sondern sich auf bestimmte Kernkompetenzen im Kommunikationsbereich konzentriert und da einer exzellente Expertise liefert. Die Trainingsangebote StoryPresenting und Rhetorische Kraftkammer sind sehr praxisbezogenen, professionell und interessant umgesetzt. Hierbei sind sowohl offene Seminare als auch Inhousetrainings möglich

Simone Natter
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